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February 2022

17 Feb 2022

Round table - Preparing Youth for Industry 4.0

Vinnytsia - Ukraine 17 February 2022 - 8:00am (GMT +02:00) Theme: Youth in industry

The event will consider the challenges that our members, industrial SMEs have with attracting youth to manufacturing as wel as topics of their skills to be prepared to Industry 4.0. This event should consolidate our position with State administrations, universities, startups and SMEs

18 Feb 2022

UX Challenge 2022 - Final Event

Trento - Italy 18 February 2022 - 4:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

The UX Challenge is an open innovation contest that allows digital and manufacturing companies to innovate the user experience of products and services by collaborating with young talents (e.g. university students) and human-computer interaction experts (researchers and designers). The final event of the UX Challenge will feature the presentation of the solutions to the challenges that were launched by seven selected regional companies (mainly SMEs) to about sixty solvers. Solutions will come in the form of newly designed interface prototypes, tested with end-users (citizens) from the Smart Crowds Trento Territorial Lab. Solutions are developed through a one-week Design Sprint starting on Monday 14/2. The event will also host one keynote speech from a leading Italian UX design agency. The event targets digital and manufacturing companies whose business highly depends on the usability and utility of products having digital user interfaces: mobile applications, webapps, desktop applications and software, digital interfaces for controlling home automation systems, infotainments, consumer products, industrial machinery. The UX Challenge and its final event have been run since 2017, counting 80-100 participants yearly, both from Italy and abroad (when online).

18 Feb 2022

Connessioni con il futuro / Connections with the future

Bari - Italy 18 February 2022 - 4:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: Resilience

The event aims to investigate how creativity can become a competitive factor in the Apulian entrepreneurial system and what are the transversal development actions to be adopted to lead challenging of innovation, digitalization and sustainability of cultural and creative industrial ecosystem after the inconvenience caused by the pandemic crisis. We want to meet and dialogue with beauty generators, the excellence of Apulian creativity, visionaries and cultural operators, national and international policymakers, managers of agencies and experts operating in the field of innovation, digitization, sustainability and internationalization to define a unique path of growth.

21 Feb 2022

Standardisation in the EU and in China – What does it mean for our companies?

Beijing - China 21 February 2022 - 4:00pm (GMT +08:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

21 Feb 2022

Young people in the new industry: how to attract talent and promote innovation in Asturias (Spain)

Gijón - Spain 21 February 2022 - 10:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Youth in industry

The event will focus on the following topics: How to link education and start-ups to create a technological ecosystem in Europe; challenges of innovation in the industry and its adaptation to new legislation; how to train young leaders for the next industrial generation; strategies and good practices to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among young people; and good practices of public-private partnerships to promote innovation and access European calls

21 Feb 2022

Transitions in Progress - Youth and Industry in Veneto

Venice - Italy 21 February 2022 - 10:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Youth in industry

The event, via videoconference, will be an opportunity for discussion and debate on how the young generation may play a key role in supporting the regional industrial ecosystem on its green and digital pathways. The event will include: - a general overview of the Veneto Region initiatives related to the issues on the agenda - business success stories of young entrepreneurs and workers supported by Veneto Region initiatives - overview of the regional ecosystem's services supporting young people and businesses started by young people

21 Feb 2022

Towards a full green and digital transformation: the role of EU SMEs and startups in the travel and tourism industry

Treviglio - Italy 21 February 2022 - 2:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

“Towards a full green and digital transformation: the role of EU SMEs and startups in the travel and tourism industry” event will open the knowledge door about a new era, where green and digital economy are key enablers for a more responsible, resilient and sustainable society. Building on the strategic pillars such as capacity building, knowledge sharing, innovation and technology transfer and business growth, the event and the related interactive sessions will unlock the multiple potentials offered by green and digital transformation: from specialised training to market insights; from financial support to cooperation and eco-systemic collaboration. The event will provide modern solutions to modern problems. Raising awareness around eco-sustainability in tourism and the core contribution from SMEs will be tackled and insight and specialised training will be offered through a masterclass. De-stigmatisation that the AR/VR, Big Data, etc, are a far-fetched idea for the travel and tourism industry will be also at the core of the event, so that high-level professionals will be revealed how to unlock potentials to these promising digital technologies.

22 Feb 2022

The road to resilience: Pathways and Maps in support of our Industry

Singapore - Singapore 22 February 2022 - 9:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the issue of resilience of our economy and society at the forefront of the political agenda. Faced with an increasingly fast digitalisation and the urgency of shifting to sustainable business models, companies have also to navigate the surging disruption of supply chains worldwide. Policymakers around the globe have designed new or updated tools to support the industry in becoming more resilient. While some countries have adopted a protectionist stance, the EU and other like-minded partners, like Singapore, continue supporting open strategic autonomy and multilateral trade. The EU and Singapore have developed in parallel policy tools that present many commonalities: on one side, the EU talks about Transition Roadmaps and on the other, Singapore talks about Industry Transformation Maps. The methodology to craft these instruments is also largely coincident and centred around a dialogue with key stakeholders from private and public sectors as well as civil society. The webinar will offer the opportunity to EU and Singapore policy makers and industry representatives to: i) present the maps and pathways developed in support of our companies and reflect on how synergies could be developed among them; ii) exchange views on how strengthen resilience beyond the simple diversification of supply chains; and ii) reinforce the exchange among public, private and academia.

22 Feb 2022

Disruptive bioenergy technologies: delivering decarbonisation of industrial processes

Brussels - Belgium 22 February 2022 - 11:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

Bioenergy plays a key role in decarbonisation and straddles multiple industrial ecosystems. Innovative bioenergy use, coupled with digitalisation facilitates the decarbonisation of a wide range of industrial sectors including steel, pulp and paper, cement, and beverages highlighting the mutually reinforcing nature of the twin transitions. During the event participants will discover the innovations taking place within the bioenergy industry. Case studies of innovative bioenergy technologies will showcase the intertwined nature of the digital and green transitions and highlight how digital innovation in the bioenergy sector is key to achieving decarbonisation of the energy-intensive industry ecosystem. The event will summarise the experiences in different industrial sectors across the EU in utilising digitalisation for decarbonisation and will bring together speakers from the industry, academia, and national authorities.

22 Feb 2022

Round table 'Youth in Industry 4.0' (Kyiv region)

Kyiv - Ukraine 22 February 2022 - 11:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Youth in industry

As a member of Industry4Ukraine platform, our cluster ‘Central Ukrainian Cluster ‘Engineering-Automation-Machinery’ will organize the round table "Preparing Youth for Industry 4.0" on 22th of February 2022, in Kyiv. This event will consider the challenges that our members, industrial SMEs have with attracting youth to manufacturing as well as topics of their skills to be prepared for Industry 4.0. This event should consolidate our position with State administrations, universities, startups and SMEs.

23 Feb 2022

Fostering EU-Korea Vaccine Cooperation

Seoul - Korea, Republic of 23 February 2022 - 4:00pm (GMT +09:00) Theme: Resilience

Building EU-Korea Partnerships for R&D, production and distribution of vaccines & overcoming regulatory obstacles for successful industrial cooperation.

23 Feb 2022

Industry Green Transition: from uncertainty to sustainability

Kyiv - Ukraine 23 February 2022 - 10:00am (GMT +02:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

The event is organized by the Sustainable Industry Committee, of the national platform "Industry4Ukraine" and is part of the national campaign "Youth and Industry 4.0", organized by the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine. The event focuses on existing challenges, implementation of the action plan, practical issues and mechanisms of twin (green and digital) transition as well as sustainable industrial development of Ukraine as a pathway for achieving The European Green Deal.

23 Feb 2022

Green, Digital and Growth in Kosovo - Together it's possible

Prishtinë - Kosovo* 23 February 2022 - 9:30am (GMT +01:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

We are planning to organize our local event on the 10th of February with three parallels sessions: First Session: Green Agenda; Second Session: Digital Transformation and third Session: Growth

23 Feb 2022

ERCI Webinar | Energy Consumption Management in the Railway Sector

Berlin - Germany 23 February 2022 - 10:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

In this webinar you will learn more about innovative solutions for energy consumption management in the railway sector: Skeleton Technologies is Europe's leading manufacturer of high power and energy density ultracapacitors that are used across industries as reliable and durable energy storage solutions. With the SkelMod 51V module, Skeleton has developed the world's only ultracapacitor storage system fully certified for rail transport. Companies such as Škoda Electric and Medcom rely on the SkelMod 51V module. It enables significant energy savings of up to 30% in streetcars with kinetic energy recovery (KERS), an application in which braking energy from the ultracapacitor module bank is harnessed and used for acceleration. Skeleton won the SET4FUTURE Innovation Award 2021 and was one of the finalists of the ERCI Innovation Awards 2021. HaslerRail will present the Energy Portal which is an EN 50463: 2017 certified data collection service (web application), developed in collaboration with railway energy managers. Its main objective is to provide the railway energy manager with a modern and agile tool with which to be able to transform raw data into useful information, e.g. monitoring thresholds, distributing scheduled reports, remote control and sending of consume energy billing systems. This webinar is organised by the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI). ERCI comprises 15 research and innovation-oriented railway technology clusters, covering 16 countries. ERCI represents more than 1,500 SMEs and aims to promote innovation and the development of new business opportunities as a means to sustainably strengthen competitiveness within the European railway industry. ERCI promotes cooperation between industry and research, initiates innovation projects, organises B2B meetings and workshops. This also includes promoting visibility and networking at EU level.

23 Feb 2022

All roads lead to low-carbon ammonia. Regional perspectives

Brussels - Belgium 23 February 2022 - 2:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: The green and digital transition

There are different pathways for decarbonising ammonia production like the use of electrolysis-derived hydrogen and of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Businesses located in regions with limited availability of renewable energy have limited renewable hydrogen capacity. The revision of the Renewable Energy Directive which pushes the use of renewable hydrogen industry needs to address the complex local variation. By outlining the differences in low carbon energy availabilities between European regions, the event will spur a constructive discussion among policymakers, industry, research institutions and civil society in evaluating local pathways and policy levers for the decarbonisation of the ammonia industry.