Digital sovereignty: Commission proposes Chips Act to confront semiconductor shortages and strengthen Europe’s technological leadership

8 February 2022

Today, the Commission proposes a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the EU’s security of supply, resilience and technological leadership in semiconductor technologies and applications.

The European Chips Act will bolster Europe’s competitiveness, resilience and help achieve both the digital and green transition. Recent global semiconductors shortages made more evident the extreme global dependency of the semiconductor value chain towards a very limited number of actors in a complex geopolitical context. But it also illustrated the importance of semiconductors for the entire European industry and society.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “The European Chips Act can be a game changer for our global competitiveness. In the short term, it will increase our resilience to future crises, by enabling us to anticipate and avoid supply chain disruptions. And in the mid-term, it will help make Europe an industrial leader in this strategic market. With the European Chips Act, we are putting out the investments and the strategy. But the key to our success lies in Europe’s innovators, our world-class researchers, in the people who have made our continent prosper through the decades."

For more information, you will find a press release, questions and answers, a factsheet and a factpage online.

Follow the press conference by Executive Vice-President Vestager and Commissioners Breton and Gabriel live on EbS.

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Picture © Alexandre Debiève