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EU Industry Days 2023

Candela Sancho

Portrait photo of Candela Sancho

Candela is a physicist specialised in geophysics, with extensive experience working in applied research focused on surface deformation analysis. Her expertise ranges from studying the deformations of the entire Eurasian tectonic plate to examining local subsidences such as those triggered by civil engineering works.      

Her professional journey has taken her to Madrid, Barcelona, Toronto, and Amsterdam. Yet, after 18 enriching years, she returned to her roots in Soria, amid Spain's less-populated landscapes, to found Detektia in 2019, a technology-driven startup with a global vision.

Detektia has developed EyeRADAR, an avant-garde infrastructure monitoring tool that generates early warnings based on satellite RADAR technologies and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Detektia's mission is twofold: to adeptly employ RADAR satellite technology in resolving civil engineering challenges and to redefine the paradigms of infrastructure control and maintenance.

Detektia aims to revolutionise the control and maintenance of large engineering works, helping to create safer and more efficient and durable infrastructures.