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EU Industry Days 2023

Carlos Beracierto

Portrait photo of Carlos Beracierto

Carlos Beracierto is a lawyer and business developer who serves as Deputy Director of Promotion and Structuring at KREAN, the engineering arm of Mondragon Corporations. Carlos started working in waste management in the Basque Country working in public structures to get new relevant assets and solve waste problems while producing energy.

His remarkable contributions to the energy sector have led to the inception of several groundbreaking community projects in the Basque Country and Spain - EKIAN, EKIOLA, EKIAZ, EKIENEA, among others. 

EKIAN and EKIOLA embody a philosophy of sustainable development and collective energy generation by creating self-sufficient and environmentally friendly energy communities. EKIAN focuses on large-scale solar power plants, harnessing the energy of the sun to provide clean electricity to local industries.

On the other hand, EKIOLA revolves around non-profit cooperatives based on solar energy, allowing families to become a member of the cooperatives. In both cases projects are made public as soon as technical, economic-financial and social viability is achieved.