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EU Industry Days 2023

​​​​​​​Elina Kamenitzer

Portrait of ​​​​​​​Elina Kamenitzer

Elina Kamenitzer is currently heading the Operations Support Department in the Operations Directorate, the financing function of the European Investment Bank.   

Before assuming her current role, Elina established and ran the Climate Office of the front line. She continues to spearhead the EIB’s transition to the EU Climate Bank and mainstreaming of climate finance in the Bank’s operations.   

Elina joined the EIB in 2006 as a senior banker covering the German markets and was later promoted to head of the Bank’s lending division for Germany. She then moved on to lead the EIB’s Corporate Financing team for Central and Northern Europe.  

Elina started her Banking career in the Nordea Group in risk management. In 2001, she joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and their Financial Institutions business group, covering several markets and products from senior debt to trade finance and equity.