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EU Industry Days 2023

Ester Baiget

Portrait photo of Ester Baiget

With more than 25 years of global experience, Ester Baiget brings a wealth of knowledge in science and sustainability and has held positions in manufacturing, technical, commercial and strategic roles. As an experienced international leader with a strong track record, Ester has driven transformational change, advocated for diversity and inclusion, enhanced profitability and set a strong foundation for sustainable growth across a diverse range of industries.

Now as CEO of Novozymes, Ester is a compelling advocate for the power of biotechnology and the positive change biosolutions can have for the green transition. Ester serves as Member of the Board for Akzo Nobel. She holds a chemical engineering degree and an MBA from the University of Tarragona (Spain).

Since becoming President and CEO of Novozymes, Ester has held a number of active external leadership positions in the sustainability and climate space, including member of the Board of Trustees and “Sustainability Champion” for the United States Council for International Business (USCIB), member of the World Economic Forum’s CEO Action Group for a European Green Deal and Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, and leader of the B-Team.