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EU Industry Days 2023

Philippe Jacques

Portrait of Philippe Jacques

Philippe Jacques is the Managing Director at EMIRI, BEPA Secretary-General, and coordinator of AMI2030.

A chemical engineer who graduated from the University of Louvain‐la‐Neuve, Belgium, Philippe Jacques joined Solvay in 1988 in Brussels, Belgium, and moved to various Intellectual Property, R&D management and senior leadership roles. Since October 2018, he has been part-time seconded as Managing Director of the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (EMIRI) Association based in Brussels, to address the innovation‐related challenges ahead of the industry of advanced materials for clean and sustainable energy & mobility. Since 2020, Philippe Jacques has also been acting as Secretary-General of BEPA, the Battery European Partnership Association and has been coordinating the Advanced Materials Initiative (AMI2030) since mid-2022. 

EMIRI represents about 60 organisations (industry, research, and associations) active in advanced materials for clean energy & clean mobility technologies. The association contributes to industrial leadership of developers, producers and users of advanced materials for clean energy & clean mobility by shaping an appropriate innovation, manufacturing/industrial and energy policy framework at the European level.