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EU Industry Days 2023

Andrew Lynch

Portrait photo of Andrew Lynch

Andrew is the international Vice President of the EUREKA SMART Manufacturing Board of Directors. He leads the ManuFuture ETP Working Group (State Aid Strategies- Research & Innovation) and is the national delegate to the European manufacturing policy platform, the ManuFuture High Level Group (HLG). 

Andrew is a member of the Made in Europe Partnership Board and was the founding chair of the European Industry 4.E Lighthouse Initiative (LIASE) within ECSEL (now KDT).  Andrew is on the Board of Directors of both the Irish Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTEC) and the W8 Innovation Centre (Ireland NW).  He is the founding chair of the Irish National Steering Committee on Collaborative Robotics, a member of the Ingenuity Executive Steering Committee and is on the National Advisory Board for the Digital Manufacturing Futures Centre (AIM).   

Andrew is a contributing expert on several key international policy directives for manufacturing, including the ManuFuture policy document (Vision 2030), the EFFRA Made in Europe program, ManuFuture ETP Strategic Working Group Initiatives, the ECSEL LIASE I4 Whitepaper on the Future of Manufacturing and the ECS SRA (Electronic Components & Systems, Strategic Research Agenda). He holds a degree in biotechnology, a master’s in environmental analytical chemistry and a PhD in Engineering.