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EU Industry Days 2023

Aniceto Zaragoza Ramirez

Portrait photo of Aniceto Zaragoza Ramirez

Aniceto Zaragoza, Oficemen CEO, is a P.h.d Civil Engineer (Madrid Polytechnic University). He also has a Degree in Economics and Business Administration, a Degree in History and a Degree in Politics from UNED University. He is a Transport Professor at UPM. 

Nowadays, he is General Secretary of Ieca, Secretary of the Labour Foundation for Cement and the Environment (CEMA), President of the Spanish Technological Concrete Platform, President of the Committee of Transport of the Spanish Engineering Institute and Vice-president of Industry and Energy of CEOE. 

In the past, he was also President of EUPAVE (European Concrete Paving Association), of the Infrastructures and Service Forum, past Vice-president of PTECO2, of IVIA (Latin American Road Institute), of the ERF (European Road Federation) and past General Manager of the Spanish Road Association. 

Among his distinctions, he received the Gold Medal of the Spanish Road Association, Medal of Professional Merit from Civil Engineering Institute and man of the year 2018 STA.