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EU Industry Days 2023

Emilia Tantar

Portrait photo of Emilia Tantar

Emilia Tantar is Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer at Black Swan LUX. She has also been actively involved at ISO/IEC’s JTC1/SC42 on artificial intelligence for the last five years, as Luxembourg’s Head of Delegation coordinating its national position in the development of international standards in the committee work.

Parallelly, at European level Emilia has served as the convenor of CEN-CENELEC’s JTC21/WG2 on artificial intelligence. Finally, she is a member of the European AI Alliance, a European Commission-led multi-stakeholder forum.

Emilia obtained her PhD in Computer Science from University of Lille 1 in 2009, and has continuously dedicated herself to advancing European efforts on the development of artificial intelligence through different workstreams, with a particular focus on SME needs.