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EU Industry Days 2023

Sven Parkel

Portrait photo of Sven Parkel

Sven Parkel is the General Manager of the Estonian Hydrogen Cluster. 

The cluster supports developing green hydrogen value chains in Estonia and seeks for opportunities abroad for Estonian companies. The cluster works mainly with private companies and the public sector to establish local hydrogen production and consumption, using know-how from academia and acting as an information exchange platform to provide connections and knowledge in the field. 

Sven has a background in chemistry and earned a PhD degree in 2010 from the Tartu University. After a post-doc, he started working as a tech transfer officer and later developed relations between the private sector and academia.  

Sven has previous experience in supporting early deeptech sectors through a range of activities such as export support, networking, best practice exchange, technology audit, and stakeholder integration (work in clusters), in biotech, healthtech and food/agritech.